Monday, December 1, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 22

Size of the baby: a spaghetti squash, approx 1 lb

Total weight gain: a total of 10 pounds

Maternity clothes: Finally my shopping day has arrived.  On Black Friday I purchased 2 pairs of slacks from Destination Maternity along with a pair of comfy yoga pants.  I got a pair of pajamas, 2 sweaters, (technically 3 sweaters if you count the "tacky" one that I purchased specifically for a party), and 3 dresses from ASOS maternity.  Oh and I finally moved all the clothes I can't wear or that aren't seasonally appropriate out of my closest because it was looking wild in there.  This is a big deal for me and I've been putting it off for a while.  I used some of R's spacebags and a big blue bin to store it all.  Now I have a much more functional space and I can wear everything in there.

Gender:  Baby girl!  And she racked up on Black Friday too.  We were able to buy several outfits on sale and I happen to know that Grandma went a little nuts shopping as well.

Nursery:  We purchased her curtains and a throw for her room and my mother in law called to let me know she purchased the bedding and mobile.  Target had the monitor that we registered for as a doorbuster so we pulled the plug on it.  We also bought a few things last week at IKEA when we were in Charlotte and now I can start organizing her goodies.  I'm still looking for baskets for her closet - who knew finding cute ones that aren't $50 each would be so challenging.

Sleep:  Pretty well but I'm congested some mornings.  R has been sick since Thanksgiving night - congestion and a head cold.  We are both hoping I don't get it.  He lived the past few days on nyquil and cough drops.

What I miss:  Wine.  Some friends hosted a party on Saturday and the wine was flowing.  On the plus side though, I discovered I drink far more water when served in a crystal wine glass.  I told R that I would know that trick from now on to help me stay hydrated.

Cravings:  Trident cinnamon gum. Oreos.  Ritz cracker chips.  Orange juice - this one isn't going away.

Other symptoms: Mild back pain.  Foot and leg cramps, especially in the early morning.  Reflux, I'm taking 150mg zantac every day.

Best moments so far:  Thanksgiving Day of course!  We started with the Macy's Parade and then enjoyed a full meal with dessert.  Both of us attempted to get a few hours of sleep before a night of shopping but it just didn't happen.  However - R felt the baby move on that night!  He happened to have his hand on my belly just as she turned and he got so excited.  We went out shopping around 8 pm and were home with our list completed by 2 am - I have one more gift to pick up and I'm done. After a lot of napping on Friday we tried playing some Christmas music for our baby using some headphones around my belly - she became very active during Hark! the Harold and Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy.  I think picking "best moments" is the hardest part of these posts...every moment is super special!

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