Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

This is the 2014 holiday edition of my five on Friday.  I'm not sure I will post much next week and I wanted to document some snippets about our holiday season so far.

The Meadow Lights and Christmas Candy.

We go to this light show every year and it's not Christmas until I've seen it.  We rode the train and stopped by the Old Fashioned store for some goodies.  I was a hungry preggo who should have eaten dinner first because we racked up on sugar.

Christmas presents.

They are all wrapped with bows and tags.  I'm finished thank goodness!  Every year I choose a different color scheme and I love the red and metallics of this year's Christmas paper.


We chose some new holiday scents and rotate which ones we burn every night.  I usually get different candles every year but some of these could easily be seasonal winners.

New stockings.

Well not really new ones for R and I, but for our pets!  I bought these on sale over Black Friday and I love how they look with our Ballard Designs plaid stockings.  Lilly and Lady each got their own so there will be no fighting come Christmas morning.

New wreath.

I didn't make many decoration purchases this year.  I already feel like I have holiday decor coming out of my ears.  But I did buy two stockings for our pets and this boxwood wreath from Target.  I'm hoping it will last if I store it properly.  I love the pop of green in our small hallway.  I was worried about the quality since this one is so economical and most boxwood wreaths are pricey but I'm very pleased!

I hope to blog some this weekend so I can have a few scheduled posts.  I think Christmas entries are my favorite ones to write.  Be sure to check out some of the blogs linked this week because most of them should make for festive reading!


  1. Candles are the best :) It always puts me in the mood when I get holiday candles ;)
    Chelsea @

  2. Your presents look beautiful!

    Bath and Body Christmas candles are my favorite, too!