Sunday, December 21, 2014

Meet my little friend...the Bumpnest

In just a week I will complete my second trimester and I'll be sharing my favorite items of the last thirteen week.  There is one item that deserves it's own post, the infamous Bumpnest!

Here's Bumpy....
So many people suggested a body pillow to me and I've owned a body pillow in the past that I never cared was too round and didn't "form" to my body.  This pillow is perfectly candy cane shaped for belly and back support.  It's also not too cushy under my head, I absolutely hate that...when pillows are so fluffy that they strain my neck.  I started using this pillow at about 13 weeks when I had no bump to speak of and it took a few nights to get comfortable with it.  I sleep with the short side out toward the edge of the bed so I can easily get up in the middle of the night but sometimes it still takes a few "rocks" to get my out of my nest.  Even R loves this pillow and steals a snuggle with it if I'm not in the bed.  The best part is the entire pillow and the cover are machine fact washing it keeps it fluffy.  There are several covers to choose from, I picked the most neutral.  And they use the scrap material to make newborn caps to donate and they included one in my purchase.  My biggest tip is not to toss the plastic case in comes in, I've used to to travel with this pillow at least four times and it keeps it clean and contained in the car.

The only downside is the expense.  It is a bit pricey compared to other body / bump pillows that are available.  Truthfully I almost went with another brand for that reason alone.  I couldn't decide if it was really worth it.  I think that I'll use this pillow even after I'm pregnant, it's super comforting and for these winter months, it helps keep me warm.  I may not use it nightly after the baby is born but I can definitely see me taking a nap with it - if naps even exist in my future :-)

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