Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Christmas Card

So we were late ordering Christmas cards this year.  Normally I get this chore done in November but we put off taking our photo until the last minute.  It was incredibly difficult to get the lighting right with the tree behind us and I know if we had planned that we could have corrected it but all things considered I'm happy with it.  Most of our photos had one of us making a face or standing awkwardly, this was the best of the bunch.  It looks dull online but in person the card is brighter.
The best part of our card is that little nugget in the center. Hard to believe that next year we will be taking professional photos and that tiny babe will be about 9 months old!

We usually get our cards printed with TinyPrints and I've always been happy with them.  Usually I choose a 5x7 photo card but this style is simple and was quick to put together.  They always come through!

From our family to yours - Merry Christmas!!!

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