Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday all!

I know I've been MIA this week, as always work is my excuse.  I'm trying to take time off for Christmas and also for New Years so I'm bringing things home to work on at night.  It's been great coming home to a lighted tree and a fire though, much better than working in a closed in office. I actually had some difficulty narrowing my week into just five thoughts, here is my attempt:


I can't explain but it makes me so happy to watch it.  It makes me so proud to be pregnant right now and even though I don't know all the moves I love to jam to this song when the commercial is on.  It's not common to see pregnant gals on tv.  I skipped out on the Vickys fashion show earlier this week, I was so excited about it but on Tuesday I bailed.  I just didn't want to watch tall thin women sporting skimpy clothing while I was snacking on peanut butter and crackers.  But this commercial, I could watch over and over.

And speaking of Tuesday TV, I definitely watched this.

Gosh this show is a total trainwreck and has probably dragged it's story line a hundred times but I can't miss it.  Especially after the cliffhanger in the midseason finale. This episode made me want to attend a festive charity ball, look at those dresses, where can I get one and when can I wear it?

I've mentioned that we have had packages arriving daily from our Black Friday splurges (not just ours but the "grandmas" also bought items and had them shipped to us).  Our Crib Is Here!

We don't have it set up to look like this yet.  Set up will probably be a weekend chore but I can't wait to see it in person.  We chose a Jenny Lind spindle crib in white, very similar to the one I slept in when I was a baby.

Our weekend plans may not include putting together our crib just yet.  We will have to finish setting up the spare room before we start on our nugget's nursery.  But we aren't working on the house all weekend, instead we are tickets to the Polar Express with R's family.  We love this holiday movie and this gives us an excuse to buy the book for our growing collection.  I've read nothing but good reviews so I can't wait!

And I'm kicking off my holiday baking season.  A week late but who's counting, right?  This isn't exactly "baking" but I always make buckeyes during the Christmas season.  This supposedly easier option popped up on my facebook feed today.  Do I dare to try something a bit different?

Cutting them into squares could be really messy if they aren't super cold, and it's not like buckeyes are difficult in the spherical form. But I think they are kind of pretty as a square bar.

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