Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Thoughts...

  • Most of my pregnancy weight can be attributed to orange juice which I have daily and chicken salad which I eat at least 4 days a week.
  • My orchid has decided to flower!  Apparently it has the seasons confused, she should have flowered in the Fall but is just now starting to sprout a stem.
  • I bought way more over Black Friday / Cyber Monday than I expected to.  All our Holiday shopping is done.  Christmas cards were purchased.  Our darling girl made out like a bandit and I purchased some much needed Winter maternity clothes.  We have packages arriving daily!
  • Speaking of purchases - I happen to know that Grandma bought our stroller and carseat and the rock in play that we plan to use as a bassinet.  Grammy ordered the crib bedding during the big sale as well.   It's getting more and more real.
  • I chew a pack of cinnamon Trident every three days.
  • Can't get enough of my Christmas stations on Pandora.
  • I saw this commercial over Thanksgiving and the dietitian in me was disturbed, however, the preggo in my found it hilarious!

  • Not very festive or holiday related but I am addicted to American Horror Story this season and I'm so glad that there is a new episode this week!

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