Sunday, December 28, 2014

Second Trimester Favorites

My absolute must haves for my 2nd trimester favorites.

First and foremost, my absolute necessity to survive this pregnancy has been a supportive husband. I have a lot of respect for someone going at this alone and I don't want to take him for granted. There are more limitations for me now, I can still do everything as before but it might be more difficult or slower than before. I'm also really tired some days and he is able to pick up my slack. R has given back rubs, helped with leg cramps, assisted me getting out of bed, and taken on extra chores and cooking these past few months.  I'm blessed to have him and I can say with certainty that he will be he very best daddy to our nugget.

From the top right, going down:

Trident gum.  I have a pack a week habit.  It helps me get work accomplished at my desk so I'm not tempted to sit and eat all the time.  There is something with the cinnamon that I've been craving.

Zantac 75.  I take 2-3 of these per day because of reflux.  I can not function without them.

Crane Humidifier.  We originally bought this to get ready for nugget's arrival as a humidifier is recommended to help lower SIDS risk.  I'm so glad we decided to go ahead and use it.  Both R and I were waking congested and this thing is incredibly efficient at moisturizing the air.  We have both found relief since using it.

My bumpnest.  I've already blogged about this, I haven't tried any other pregnancy pillow but I can't imagine one being any better than this.  It's not just for laying down either, you can use it to prop yourself up to read or relax.

From the bottom, left to right:

The Lacie.  No shame in my game, these appear to be sassy lingerie, but they are a pregnant girl's BFF.  One size fits most, super stretchy, cut low under the belly, and beat out ugly maternity underpants any day!

SheaMoisture coconut massage oil, I highly recommend!  This stuff smells great and is extremely moisturizing.  I haven't used it on my bump yet, it does take a while to dry and I've got some stretch mark creams for that instead.  But for leg cramps and back pain this is the jam.

Pea in the Pod V Waist Lounge Pants.  Ah, comfort!  These are my favorite pants and I wear them often.  As often as I possibly can.  I will very likely get another pair of them soon.

Target Liz Lange Tank Tops.  These are essential, I own multiples in each color available. I wear one daily underneath my clothing and I enjoy wearing then to lounge or sleep in at home.  I will probably buy these even when I'm not pregnant, they are the best undershirt I've ever owned.

Lots of favorites this trimester, up until this point there hasn't been a lot of trial and error but I have a strong feeling that I will need to get creative to survive the last three months.  Now that I'm "filling out" my maternity clothing and having more discomfort I will probably have to try a few new products out for relief.  My "honeymoon" trimester is at it's end and now I'm starting the last leg of my journey.

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