Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 24

Size of the baby: An ear of corn, weighing in at just over a pound

Total weight gain: 10-11# depending on the day I get on the scale.

Maternity clothes: I'm choosing my purchases carefully, hoping that I won't need many more "maternity" clothes but I still have the third trimester to go.  I bought a gray thermal henley from Target this week and a navy sweater.  I also made a return to Destination Maternity (seriously unflattering pants bought online) so I have a store credit that I have to use.  I also received my ASOS order and I think I have found my maternity photo dress, with the right accessories of course.  The other dress I ordered from ASOS is not flattering though, I look a bit like a cupcake on the bottom half so it's going back this week.  I may have found a replacement, fingers crossed.

Gender: girl girl girl!

Nursery:  It's been put on hold until after the New Year.  It's just too complicated now, our schedules are wonky and we want to enjoy our last Christmas just the two of us.  We are taking 4 days off at the start of the year and plan to get the room painted and start on the furniture.  Our crib arrived on Thursday and will remain in the box until we get the room painted.  I'm hoping that our glider will be ordered sometime in January, and then we should have all the main pieces.

Sleep:  I'm sleeping okay.  I was really tired this week, she seems to be more active at night and it makes it more challenging to get to sleep.  I'm still having reflux too and some congestion but sleeping with my head elevated is helping.

What I miss:  Back sleeping.  Stomach sleeping. Festive cocktails.  Being able to bed over comfortably.

Cravings:  Cinnamon trident.  I got a strong craving for cheesecake this week, so we bought a mini sampler from the grocery store which we both enjoyed.  I had some Amys canned tomato soup for lunch this week that was the jam, I plan on buying more on my next grocery trip.

Other symptoms:  Clear skin - a great symptom if you ask me.  I've been spot free for weeks, a far cry from the first trimester.  I've already mentioned reflux - I'm taking zantac 150-225mg per day and pretty much anything can cause it to flare up, including water.  Numb fingers and hands, but only in the mornings.  I was wiped on Friday and had to lay down, that makes two Fridays in a row.

Best moments so far:  In my 24th week, we had a Christmas party with the management team at a yummy steak house.  I'm not much on steak so I had seafood, it was a great meal and great company;  I also walked away with some pretty great little gifts from Bath and Body Works.  I wrapped our Christmas presents and addressed our Christmas cards (which will not be sent until tomorrow because we weren't able to get to the post office).  It feels good to get things done this trimester - even though they aren't baby related I actually have the energy to do normal activities.  As for the baby, she is moving a ton these days and I was able to get it on camera.  R still hasn't felt her kick yet, as soon as he puts his hand on my tummy she stops.  She kicked the cat though and Lilly's expression was hilarious.  Oh and we received our rock and play, stroller, and carseat in the mail early in the week.  It's pretty great to see all the baby items in her room.

It's so surreal that nugget will be here at Winter's end.  I told R that after Christmas we have to kick it into high gear to get it all done before she arrives.

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