Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 21

Size of baby: a large banana, approx. 12.7 ounces

Total weight gain:  8-9 pounds

Maternity clothes: I purchased a few more Liz Lange tanks from Target for layering and a large cowl necked sweater.  Otherwise I'm trying to hold out for Black Friday deals.  I'm really need pants though, we have to do a lot of washing to make sure I have clothes for the entire week.

Gender: #babygirlmama

Nursery: We have moved everything out of the spare room except the large pieces of furniture.  Woot!  Uh, now we just have to organize it into a functional bedroom/office upstairs.  We have the layout  and we both have an idea of the items we need to purchase.  I made a few photo frames this week too - Pinterest inspiration.

Sleep:  Sometimes.  I nap fairly well.  There are nights that take forever to fall asleep and some times I wake up and play on my phone in the middle of the night until I'm drowsy.

What I miss:  Sleeping on my back.

Cravings:  Peanut M&Ms.  Orange juice.  Trident cinnamon gum- this is a biggie.

Other symptoms:  I've had some short of breath, especially if I eat a large meal.  Some mild back pain, especially if I've been walking most of the day.  My bras are getting too tight and I've warned R that a shopping trip may be in order in a few weeks.  I don't want to buy too many though as I've heard your size can vary quite a bit in the final trimester and while nursing.

Best moments so far:  Feeling her move!  Lots of flutters and little kicks (usually to my bladder).  I feel more when I'm laying down on my side.  R's company had a banquet to recognize individuals who have performed well this year and they gave out a ton of awards - we were able to travel to Charlotte for the night and it was a blast.  The dinner itself was yummy and we spent the entire next day shopping for our girl.  Oh yes and we call her by her name now.

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  1. Now I'm craving some Trident cinnamon gum! Glad everything is going well! And yes...I have 2 sets of normal size and then pregnant/nursing size.