Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 18

*playing catch up this week so two bumpdates will be posted!

Size of the baby:  Our little bit was 8 ounces at our 18 week ultrasound appointment.  My app says it's about the size of a boneless chicken breast.

Total weight gain:  up 6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight

Maternity Clothes: Yep.  They are just more comfortable.  As soon as I'm home though, I switch to loungewear.

Gender: Baby showed the goods at our appointment and the proof was delivered to my best friend for safe keeping.  She will keep the secret until our gender reveal on November 8.

Movement:  My flutters feel more like dull vibrations.  I was told at my ultrasound that my placenta is anterior so I may not feel strong movements until closer to 26 weeks.

Nursery:  Our ideas are ready to go, we just need to know if we are using shades of pink or shades of blue.

Sleep: Not going well.  I'm uncomfortable at night and I still get up a lot to use the bathroom.  I'm loving my bumpnest - which I'll probably do a quick review of soon. I'm also loving thin sleep shirts because I alternate hot and cold all night long.  Sometimes we use a fan and sometimes we have to use an extra quilt.

What I miss:  A more extensive wardrobe, my options are more limited these days -especially pants.

Cravings:  Clementines, orange juice, peanut m&ms.  I won't say no to a milkshake.

Other symptoms:  I have felt well overall.  I get headaches some afternoons but they are bearable, this isn't uncommon for me when the weather changes.

Best moments so far:  I've had more energy and we have started "deep cleaning" and organizing the house.  R has had a lot of projects to get ready for our gender reveal party.  We have planned our party food and purchased a few decorations so we can celebrate with family.  I was also able to participate in Halloween at work by wearing a festive shirt made using these instructions.  Cheap and easy!

The very best moment was our ultrasound on Halloween.  R was finally able to see the baby on the big screen which he has not been able to see since I was 8 weeks pregnant.  We got to see all the important "inner workings" of our darling - healthy heart, healthy spinal cord, healthy brain, and all organs are in the appropriate place.  It was the very best news!

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