Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Kind of late today, we had our OB appointment and ran errands but I knew I'd get it linked up eventually.  Kicking it off...

1.  The great deep clean of 2014
Because I've hit that second trimester nesting phase and I want to get this house organized and squeaky clean.  We have at least one project pretty much every weekend until the big event.  Oh and I'm trying to use natural cleaners, because that has suddenly become a huge priority for me.

2.  A Simple-fied makeup remover.
I had to switch up my beauty regimen when I found out I was pregnant and I find that these wipes are perfect to remove my makeup and they don't sting like others I've tried.  I buy them in a twin pack at Ulta which is awesome.  No tugging required, they remove everything in one swipe and I follow up with my Mario Bedescu cleaner.

3.  This recipe.

Creamy Tortellini - yum yum. I found this goodie via Pinterest, it takes about 20 minutes on a crazy weeknight for a decadent meal.  The sauce is made better with a punch of cayenne and red pepper flake.

4.  Sparkling water.
It's the "new" soda.  I like Perrier and La Croix but I've been enjoying this Simply Balanced Citrus flavor from Target.  It tastes so similar to R's beloved Fresca, no caffeine or added sweeteners.  And it's yummy when you want something carbonated.

5.  Heeeere's Nugget...
I had my 18 week ultrasound on Halloween.  And the baby was active!  I found out that I have an anterior placenta so that's why I'm only feeling movements sporadically and why it feels more like vibrations than "flutters".  Since this was an anatomy scan we were able to see the brain, abdomen, heart, spinal cord and body in great detail.   Our tech was awesome and pointed out all the important bits to us.  We decided not to find out the gender today, so a dear friend is guarding it until our gender reveal party next weekend.  Thanks to the scan though we know that the baby appears to be healthy and energetic.  God is good!

Happy Halloween all!

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