Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday

How exciting that five on Friday is back in action!  I wasn't going to participate this week because I couldn't get my post typed last night.  By Thursday I'm usually wiped out and need extra sleep.  But in the eleventh hour I'm going link up if only to get back in the groove.  Here we go, my very favorite five:

Announcing my pregnancy!  I finally told my coworkers and posted to social media at the 14 week mark.  Definitely excited now that I don't have to be so secretive!


Liz Lange Maternity leggings.  I don't like anything tight around my belly right now.  It was easier when it was warm and I could live in dresses but now that the weather is cooler I need proper legwear.  These are awesome! And as a bonus I got them 25% off using my Cartwheel app.  All women's clothing qualifies but it expires tomorrow.


Frozen yogurt.  Original Tart.  With Fruit.  BIGGEST craving ever.


Anyone found a new favorite show in the Fall line-up?   I'm still not sure if any of these will be renewed since they all opened with mix reviews but we have been watching Gotham, Scorpion, How to Get Away With Murder, and Forever.  I've had so many favorite shows cancelled that I'm excited to find something new to watch.

Fall is here and my Halloween decorations are up.  We didn't go all out this year but it looks a bit more festive.  I love the cooler temps and there is a strong probability that I'll be baking more in the immediate future.

So glad the girls are back!


  1. oh girl! congrats! i'm on the homestretch of my pregnancy. three more weeks! so much to do. i have my little sneak peak maternity session and some fun lists i made up to prepare for baby on my five on friday. we also have a little linkup going called oh hey, friday! if you want to participate there too, we would absolutely love to have you! congrats again!

    1. Thank you so much! I've been following your pregnancy journey, it's awesome to be able to read other mamas experience. Thanks for inviting me to the link up, I may have to join in soon! You'll be holding baby number 2 soon, I can't wait to see pictures!