Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

I've been pretty bogged down this week but I'll have my bump date posted over the weekend and I have so many more than need to be typed.  Today though I'm going to join in with a few lovely ladies for two weekly link-ups.

1.  Dancing with the Stars.

I'm late to the party because this episode aired last week.  I was way to excited to see Alfonso's "Carlton" dance.

2. New Cut and Color.

I came home late last night after getting my hair done so I haven't snapped a pic yet.  I gave my hairdresser a photo of Kate Beckinsale as an idea of how I wanted my color and layers cut and she got it pretty close.  I needed a cut and color when I found out I was pregnant but I wanted to wait until I was out of the first trimester to do it safely.  I feel like my stylist gave me my sass back because I was looking rough.

3.  BeMaternity Band.

I bought this from Target a few weeks ago and I realize why it is such a great idea. However, I don't like mine.  I wear it because it extends my wardrobe a bit but it's so uncomfortable.  And forget it if you drank a 24 oz water and gotta go because this gizmo combined with the rubber band trick can make it a close call.  I will continue to wear it with some of my pants for the next few weeks and I'm grateful for it - but dang it needs so much adjusting throughout the day.

4.  Gone Girl.

Yep we saw it and it was awesome.  They stayed fairly true to the book which is what I was hoping for.  Even hubs liked it and understood why I couldn't put the book down when I was reading it.

5.  Coffee and Crepes in Cary.

What the what?  Crepes?  Coffee?  in Cary? Yessir, one short drive away and we can have the most delicious and beautifully made crepes.  They catered a luncheon for us at work this week and I chose the cordon bleu crepe with a banana nutella crepe for dessert (but I added strawberries).  Oh my heaven.

Y'all know the drill, these girls welcome everyone to the party.

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