Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First Trimester Favorites

I'm trying to document this pregnancy as I go along but keeping it a secret for the whole first trimester has put me a bit behind.  I'm in my fifteenth week now and looking back on the first three months, I really don't remember much other than the insane fatigue.  I did find some relief in the other symptoms with a few great products are my picks for first trimester survival.
1. I switched to Dailies contacts because I had some extreme dry eye.  In fact I found out I was pregnant at four weeks and was in the ophthalmologist office by week five.  It was my first symptom and considering I already suffer with dry eyes he thought it best to change my contacts.  I use these along with Refresh eye drops and I haven't had a problem since.
2.  La Croix Curate or any La Croix flavored waters.  I love them.  It makes me think that I'm drinking soda and the fuzziness helps with any upset stomach.
3.  Orange juice, an ongoing craving and I can't drink water first thing in the morning.
4. Earth Mama Body Butter, I purchased this to help keep stretch marks at bay.  I can't say that it works yet because my belly has just started growing but it's super moisturizing and smells nice.  I'll be using it at least for another month before I'm out.
5. Tums Smoothies.  This is a need.  I naively thought that heartburn was a problem in the third trimester but it was one of my first symptoms.  I had to eat tums before almost every meal up until week 9.
6. Spring Valley Prenatal Gummy with DHA.  I found these at Walmart and I think they are the best tasting gummy vitamins (and I've tried several).  They don't have iron so you may need an additional supplement.
7.  Sea Band Mama.  Lifesaver!  I thought it might be a gimmick but wearing these allowed me to work on my feet without the queasies.  I also get nauseated at night so I wore them while I slept with no problems.  They are suspicious though if you're trying to keep it a secret, thankfully we keep it igloo temperatures at our clinic so I was able to wear them and cover them with a long sleeve cardigan.
8. Victoria's Secret Sleep shirt.  My husband bought one of these for me as a gift the same week I found out I was pregnant.  I purchased a size up and I love to lounge in it at night and in the afternoon for naps.  It's gotten a lot of action over the past several weeks.
9. Aveeno Body Wash Fragrance Free.  I was using a scented body wash by St Ives and was really sensitive to smells so I had to switch.  I thought I would hate an unscented product but I actually love the formula which is surprising because I've never used Aveeno before.  I may be willing to try the scented version after I have the baby. Target also has an Up and Up version that is a bit cheaper but works just as well.

I enjoy reading lists from other mamas and mamas-to-be and it has helped me tremendously with what to expect and how to plan.  If you're expecting (congratulations!), I hope my suggestions can help you cope.

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