Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Woot!  It's Friday so it's time for another five on Friday.  And also a fun and fulfilled weekend...just as soon as I finish an 8 hour day.

1.  Pumpkin Picking.

Last weekend we went and selected our pumpkin.  No clue what we are carving this year but we will come up with something great this weekend!  We went to a new-to-us pumpkin patch, it was less a patch and more like a neatly organized farm - the pumpkins were beautiful though and we picked up a few whites ones to put around the house.  I like to go earlier in the month but I was impressed with the quality and selection of the ones they had left.  Most green and white pumpkins go fast and they had a ton left.

2.  Chocolate 5K.

After weeks of little physical activity, R convinced me to participate in a 5K WALK not run.  Oh heavens, I don't know if I could have ran it.  It's more difficult for me to breathe these days and I feel like my heart rate doesn't always want to cooperate.  I didn't eat any chocolate at the stations along the trail but I did indulge in a piece of toffee crunch chocolate and a chocolate drink afterward.  R was with his company sponsored team and he could have ran it but he hung back with me which was very sweet of him.  We started an an excellent pace but had to slow down a little over half way through so my heart rate could get in a "baby safe" range.
3.  Planning our Gender Reveal.
I love the colors of this party and yellow is perfect for a gender reveal.  We aren't using bees though but I might work some stripes into the tablescape somehow.  I didn't want to do blue and pink since one of the colors is going to be heavily featured in our future :-).  I can't wait to find out the gender of my nugget, though in all seriousness there is so much more important information to get from an anatomy scan.  I'm nervous about it and excited all at the same time.  This time next week I'll be at my appointment!

4.  NC State Fair.

First thing on our agenda this evening at the state fair!  We may go after work or if we are too tired it might wait for Saturday.  Either way I'm going to pig out on hushpuppies, apple cider, and fudge.  We don't usually participate in rides or games but we love looking at the exhibits.

5. Winner Winner!

The best part of the week, my husband participated at a competition at the fairgrounds on Wednesday and took home first place!  His gift was a very nice and apparently very big generator, along with a cash prize and a tool kit with some great stuff.  Since he won state he will get an opportunity to go to participate in the national competition - I'm so proud of him!

This was a great week, I love this time of year!  And R and I have created a plan to get our house overhauled, deep cleaned, and organized before our bambino arrives.  And it's prime baking season. And it's soup/stew weather.  And it's the season for scarves, boots, and layers.   Life is good y'all!

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