Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bumpdate: Week 15

full disclosure - photo taken at the end of a long work day

Size of the baby: a naval orange - 4.5 inches!

Total weight gain: I'm starting to pop out a bit more but my weight gain is holding steady at 4 lbs.

Maternity clothes: I own a few - two pairs of leggings, 4 tops, and a dress.  My MIL gifted me with some money this week so I can splurge on some pants.  I also have a few things that are not maternity in a few sizes up that I can wear.  I can wear my own pre-pregnancy clothes as well but I usually have to unbutton the pants mid-afternoon for comfort.

Gender:  We've set the date :-)  Our ultrasound is on Halloween and we are planning a gender reveal party for the next weekend.

Movement: I'm not sure.  The doctor asked me about it at my appointment this week and there have been times when I thought I felt some movement and flutters but I've also heard that it is often confused with normal GI activity.  My OB said I should feel something between 18 and 20 weeks.

Nursery:  We are waiting to find out the gender but we have plans and we have already selected potential colors.

Sleep: Ugh...I'm tired a lot in the afternoon.  I still take naps a couple times per week but I'm a bit of an insomniac at night and it takes a bit for me to fall asleep.  I'm trying to teach myself to sleep on my side but it's so difficult because I always want to roll over on my back.

What I miss:  I didn't miss anything this week shockingly.  Though my husband brought up a local beer and bbq festival and I was sad for a brief moment.

Cravings:  Orange juice, Mexican food, and broccoli cheese soup.  I'm really hoping I can get some soup this weekend...

Other symptoms: Some "pulling" pains in my lower belly, fatigue, sluggishness and general yuck feeling in the mornings.  I can't necessarily say it's nausea but I definitely don't feel good until I've been up a while.

Best moments so far:  I heard little Nugget's heartbeat on Tuesday and it was amazing as always.  My OB appointment was short and sweet but my next one is the 18 week appointment with the ultrasound tech.   We've started planning our gender reveal party which has been super fun.  Oh and we are doing insurance elections at work this week and I was checking out the Employee+1 option ... it made it so surreal that I'll have to call next Spring and add the baby onto my plan.  R and I started discussing daycare options and possible pediatricians this week - such little and maybe mundane activities but it makes it so real.

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