Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Pregnancy So Far...

All day on July 22 I had a feeling that I might be pregnant.  I had some weird cramps the day before and just felt...different.  I can't describe it, my brain just wouldn't stop the thought.  When I left work I called my husband to see if he wanted to go with me to the store because I was going to pick up a test. He probably felt I was being overzealous, we hadn't been trying long and I hadn't missed a period yet.  We picked up a cheap test, the kind with the blue dye...I had a faint, very faint shadow of a line on both tests.  Back to the store R went to get a digital test, I took one that night that read PREGNANT.  I took one the following morning that read PREGNANT.  We were both in shock!  Excited but in total shock.

Then came the excruciating wait for an OB appointment.  My new doctor wouldn't see me before 8 weeks and by my estimate I was 4 weeks and a few days pregnant.  I had to wait it out and it was painful, in the meantime I tried to find as much reading material as possible on what not to do when pregnant.  That long list of delicious food that I can't have...yep, I memorized it.  I downloaded a handbook off my OB's website that was extremely helpful and I purchased a few books off Amazon. Old girl scout habits die hard...I try to be prepared!  Even R purchased a Daddy's Guide which he has enjoyed, it must be hilarious because I hear him laughing at some point in each chapter.

I snapped a photo at 5 weeks.  And really there were no visible changes until I hit 13 weeks when I started to have more bloat, especially at the end of the day.
I'm not trying to be narcissistic by posting photos but I wanted to be able to compare my growing bump.

I also looked up some common questions that other bloggers answer when they do bump updates and I plan to keep a record throughout my experience.  It's something I want to remember forever!

This is a photo that we snapped on the day I started my second trimester.

Weeks 4-13

Size of the baby:  from a poppy seed to a lemon

Total weight gain: I was down 2 pounds until week 10 mostly because I was queasy and sleeping all the time.  But now I have gained 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  The doctor says I'm on track.

Maternity clothes: I have purchased two comfortable maternity dresses but other than that no.  I usually wear a size four and my pants and dresses still fit.  Though the waist band is tight at the end of the day for the past couple of weeks.  I will probably break out the belly band in the upcoming weeks. Some of my tops don't fit correctly, they emphasize the "pooch".  It's not really a formed bump at this point.  A friend of mine loaned me some tunic style tops that should get me through the next several weeks.

Gender: not a clue but I think it might be a boy.  My husband had a dream that it was a boy.  Neither of us has a preference, it's a baby and it's precious.

Movement: nope, it's too early

Nursery:  Hubs and I have been on Pinterest a lot and we've been discussing ideas.

Sleep: I slept almost the entire first trimester, no seriously I did.  I had no energy during the day but I would get a small burst of energy at night.  Oddly when I laid down to sleep at night, it would take forever to get comfortable.  I take several potty breaks but that's not super unusual for me.  Weeks 4-6 I had some mild cramps when I laid down.

What I miss: feta cheese, wine on the weekends, poached or soft cooked eggs

Cravings:  Bacon and ham - odd because I am not the biggest pork fan.  Pickles, broccoli cheddar soup, buttered toast, and Reese's cups (regular size not minis).  Lemonade and Orange Juice - I love anything that is a bit sour.

Other symptoms:  I'm getting some mild "pulling" pains - probably ligament pains, dry eyes, fatigue, queasiness in the middle of the night or if I haven't eaten in a while.  The doctor prescribed me Diclegis when I don't need every night but it's a God send when I do.  Nausea only seems to hit me around midnight.  It seems to take me forever to get started in the mornings, for the past several weeks I have to drag myself out of bed.

Best moment so far:  How can I pick?!?!  I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and saw a little heartbeat fluttering away even though the baby looked more like a cocktail shrimp.  I saw an actual baby at my 12 week ultrasound though.  My mom went with me to the appointment and we were able to see the baby with it's hands over it's eyes and we saw a close up of the tiny feet.  Best moment of my life! 

 We also heard a heartbeat for the first time. We told family and close friends at 8 weeks, though our moms knew the same week we tested positive.  My lab results were all within goal, so far so good!  In the last week I told my supervisor and my coworkers and over the weekend we took an announcement photo and posted it to social media.  There have been so many special moments over the last 10 weeks, some of them have been simple private conversations between R and I over our joy!

Oh and we have so many nicknames for the baby:  Bean, Nugget, and occasionally Biscuit.  You can tell that I'm always hungry now :-)


  1. Congratulations!!

    Amy @ http://nystateofmind5.blogspot.com/

  2. You have me smiling the whole way through this post! Congratulations Mama!