Monday, November 17, 2014

The Nursery To Do List:

Oh me, oh my!  Just a few short months before we meet our baby girl and so many items to mark off this list so we can get her nursery in order.  She will not be sleeping in there for several months but we will use it for feedings, changing, etc.  I've been working on it already and we have a timeline but sharing it on the blog keeps me accountable!  I'll share the finished product at the end!

Paint the walls.
Order rug.
Order bedding.
Order and assemble crib.
Find a mattress and cover.
Buy a trash can to contain those dirty nappies.
Buy a lamp and shade.  - I still need a shade!
Buy a nightlight.
Closet organization.
Drawer Organization.
Book display and storage.
Refinish nightstand in white.
Refinish dresser in white.
Purchase new knob and pulls for furniture.
Special wall art.
Purchase picture frames.
Order a glider.
Find a matching throw.
Set up a changing station.
Buy and hang curtains.
Wash the linens.

Of course it all has to come together in a cute way. I have a handful of DIY items that I will probably knock out next week but most of the bigger refinishing projects are on R's list.  Looking at it makes me cringe a much to do and so little time to get it done

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