Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday, y'all know how we do.

Almost here...just a few more days until T-Day.  Starting with the Macy's parade and ending with a nap before an all night shopping bender.  We are celebrating with my family this year and I simply can not be more excited! I'm making a Snickers Cheesecake dessert as well as a classic Chess Pie for the big day.  I can't wait to lapse into mashed potato coma while R is outside shooting.  Thanksgiving was made for preggo girls!

And moving on to our dog's Thanksgiving dinner.  Our sweet girl came to us from the rescue on a grain free diet that we have continued.  However she was having chronic yeast infections in her ear so we have switched her over to a potato free diet as well.  This brand was recommended on so many message boards for helping with systemic yeast that we decided to give it a go.  I'm happy to report that Lady has had fewer problems with her ears and she smells better overall.  Bonus: we order from Chewy and they deliver it for free to our home in 2 days.

This nail color.  I've been wearing it for weeks and it's the perfect shade of dark cherry red with a creamy formula that only requires two thin coats.  I love it for Fall and it will transition perfectly into Winter.

Cocoa.  Since I can't have an afternoon cocktail or a weekend spritzer this is my nightcap of choice.  And I'm a really picky cocoa drinker, most brands have no flavor but this is really delicious.  It's even better with marshmallows, but we are all out right now.  #sosad
Project for Baby Girl's room.  R worked on this ruler for her wall and I love it!  We took inspiration here and I ordered a vinyl pack on groupon from this seller.  The first pack had several pages of vinyl that would not peel off the paper, I contacted her and she sent out a new pack ASAP.  It's so cute I can't get over it. Our little nugget is only about 12 inches long now but eventually we will be able to mark her height here.

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  1. Have you tried the Starbucks hot chocolate mixes? Those are some of my favorite! I'd totally be indulging in some myself, except at 32 weeks or so I failed my glucose test so I have gestational diabetes. Thankfully mine isn't that bad, but it definitely takes a lot of the fun out of pregnancy eating. Although I've already decided I'm basically giving myself a free pass on Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh I may have to try those. I take my test in January and I'm a bit nervous about it. I didn't have many sugar cravings until recently. I can't stay away from orange juice though.