Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa Baby

Our sweet lab mix, Baby, loves Christmas.  She loves a warm fire, she loves when we are cooking big meals in the kitchen, and she loves that we stay inside with her more.  There is one other thing she loves about the holiday season...
Christmas cookies.  Don't we all?  
We purchase a package of these frosted and decorated cookies for her at Petsmart around the holidays.  She has a little game of touching the cookie she wants with her nose.  We also picked up a little something for her stocking:
 this sweet little set has different Christmas rawhide snacks.  Baby doesn't get rawhides often so this is a real treat for her.  The lollipops are so cute!
And just so the public can see how spoiled our dog really is...she will be getting an actual birthday cake this month.  The ingredients in this "Pup-Pie" sound amazing...cinnamon, black strap molasses, oat flour, yogurt coating - I'm sure she will not be in a sharing mood :-)  She will be twelve on Christmas Day and we hope we can celebrate many more birthdays with her.

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