Thursday, November 1, 2012

My October Favorites

Bringing back my monthly favorites :-)  
So I found out that no matter how you dress up cooked apples, R does not like them.  It's so upsetting because I wanted to make an apple pie but I'm not going to go through the trouble if he's not going to help me eat it....but I have no problems buying a pie for myself.  The above photo is by Paula Deen from but my $4.99 pie looked just as tempting.
 Pumpkin carving with R.  I love that my witch hat looked so spooky on his pumpkin.  We bought a strobe light from Michaels that flickered like a real flame inside the pumpkin.
 Essie Wicked.  One coat is dark cranberry but 2 or more coats it can start to look very black.
Me modeling my "wicked" polish and my wedding band (smiles).  I've only tried it on once since R had it sized so I could make sure it fit correctly and I just happened to be wearing my favorite fall polish at the time.


 Lilly's favorite new snack!  I noticed she had a lot of dander the past couple of months. I thought her food wasn't providing enough essential oils for her coat.  I tried these and her fur has never been so soft and I've made an effort to brush her more often (she has short hair so I only ever had to brush her to remove loose fur).
 Murad face cleanser.  I'm using the AHA BHA exfoliating cleanser in the mornings and the refreshing cleanser at night.  The products are pricey but the generous size lasts quite a while and my skin has been smooth and blemish free.
 More apple pie goodness.  I love these Larabars...they make great afternoon snacks.  This one is the only flavor I care for.
 Pumpkin spice latte...deliciousness in a cup and the perfect pre-tailgate beverage.
I have this necklace in yellow and I love it!  I couldn't find a picture online of my exact necklace but I've been wearing it every chance I get.
 Champion C9 quarter zip, long sleeve top from Target.  This is a great workout shirt - it's long so it doesn't ride up, it has a pocket in the back, vents under the arms and on the back, and thumb holes.  I also love wearing it just to hang out because it's so cozy...I'm actually wearing it as I'm typing my fall favorites!
This is such an "out there" item for me.  I purchased the Mossimo colored denim "jeggings" from Target on a whim.  They are sized for juniors but I loved the teal color, and even though I had to size up, I think they fit well.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on colored denim because I wanted to test it out first, and I really like these.  I usually wear them with a white shirt and colored scarf or with my yellow statement necklace.

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