Sunday, November 11, 2012

My entire week in one post...

What a week!

I had a cold this week, it really wasn't a big deal during the day but the congestion made it very difficult to sleep at night so I stayed tired.   I was dependent on cough syrup and a humidifier and this stuff...
my favorite.
I helped host a coworker's baby shower on Tuesday and my task was to pick out a cake.  I ordered a cake from Sams Club (it. was. amazing.), everyone at work likes whipped icing and they had a great selection to choose from.  I chose one that had a cute fondant baby laying on a flower.
And when I got home from work I had a surprise waiting for me.
My bridal portrait disk!!!!  The photographer packaged it in a cute tin container with a bow.  I can't show you the disk because she labeled it with one of my photos:-)  Ahh, I love her!

I received an email about PopSugar's luxury edition must have box.  At $100 it was a bit of a stretch considering the holidays are around the corner.  I've been "good" all year saving money for the wedding and purchasing items that were "on the list".  I really wanted a splurge for myself so I hope it's really good!  

I also bought myself a new gadget.
I haven't used it yet but I thought it would make it easier to make my holiday bows.  Michaels has a great sale on ribbon this week and I've got coupons!  One of the fellow shoppers at Michaels was raving about her Bowdabra when I was standing in line with some other items and peaked my interest.  I've been making bows for a while looping and twisting by hand ... it's not difficult but it can be tiring and it can be hard to put 2-3 different ribbons of different textures together.  I'm hoping this gizmo will make it less of a chore.

We made a big wedding decision this weekend.  After tasting cake from three different vendors we chose our baker / cake designer....
Why was this such a difficult choice?  My future mother in law wanted us to book her favorite baker but she doesn't deliver the cakes.  If we booked her we would have to pick up the cake, drive it to the venue 2 hours away and set it up.  My cake has fresh flowers on it so some of the decorating has to be completed on the afternoon of the wedding.  I'm very picking about buttercream and R wanted jam filling instead of flavored icing.  We found one baker that offered what we wanted...she makes the cake on the Thursday before the wedding, decorates it, and delivers it.  She is super professional and I know she will do a great job.

Oh and we are moving.

This is happening.  We looked at several rental properties and endlessly searched online but we found a great townhome with lots of square footage in our price range.  I think we'll stay there for 2-3 years while we pay down some student loans and search for a home to buy.  The location is perfect our commute which will seriously cut down on my driving time.  The neighborhood is incredibly charming, and most importantly safe - oh and the landlord is super sweet!  We'll be packing for the next two weeks and plan to move at the end of the month. My Christmas tree will probably be the first thing I unpack!

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