Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going... Going... Gone

So R and I have been packing every night this week in preparation for our move.  I wish we are ready to purchase a home but moving to a new town without kids, I think we have a ton more research to do before we make that commitment.  We are renting a beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom townhome near the triangle that will be convenient to both of our jobs.  Packing has been a I getting too old for all of this?!?! 
To make the job easier I've been sipping some Apothic Red.  It is amazing.
 R needed to cope as well.  He made vodka cocktails (we were gifted quite a bit of vodka from his mother when she was cleaning out the liquor closet in their beach house) and built a phenomenal box arch.
It was so much fun to knock this over!

I'm going to share some photos of our house prior to move out just because I will miss it.  R proposed to me here and I'm sad that we can't stay here longer.  The photos below were taken a few weeks ago when we still had up our fall decor. 

Goodbye house!

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