Friday, November 23, 2012

Black loot (just a teaser, no peeking)

This just happened.

Well not just...I needed a few hours of sleep first before I could post.  R met me at moms house last night around 6:30 and took a long nap before we set out to shop.  We were parked at the mall by 10:30 and waited until the stores opened at midnight.  I really thought Macys was going to open earlier...I could have sworn I saw that on one of the commercials during the parade.  I really didn't have to go to Macys so we waited by the Belk entrance until midnight.  There were a lot of people out but it never felt "overly" crowded....I've definitely had worse Black Friday shopping experiences.  It's been less of a chore since the start of Cyber Monday too.  We went to Belk, Express, Victoria Secret, and a few other shops before leaving around 3am.  Next we went to Kohls to buy for our Salvation Army Christmas angel.  Ahhh!  Such great deals!  We finished the night at Target.  I spent too much money of course but I saved a lot too.  Also (drum roll) please - I'm done with my Christmas shopping!!! Okay well almost - there is one more item to get R but it can't be found at the mall and I can really pick it up anytime.

I'll be sharing what we decided to get our sweet angel girl too.   I usually do one every year and I'd like to encourage my readers to try it if you've never "adopted" one for the holidays.  It makes me feel like Santa!  We picked a 5 year old girl this year who wanted a doll and her ticket also lists her clothing sizes.  My mom chose an 8 year old boy who loved football and wanted a bike...we purchased items for him yesterday and earlier in the week.  The deadline in most areas is the first week of December so if you are interested find your local Salvation Army tree...usually in a mall or movie theater or contact them directly.  When we shopped today in Raleigh there were still several tickets left on the tree an these children might not receive any presents from Santa!  So if you swing the extra funds this year please consider this charity - it's legitimate and most of the kids are reasonable with their requests.

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