Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Year High School Reunion

This past Saturday was a real treat...my 10 year high school reunion.  R and I had a great time, he already knew a few people that were going to attend because I still keep in touch with them.  I had fun catching up with people I hadn't seen in a decade.  The reunion committee decided to hold the festivities at a local winery.

 I wore a Suzi Chin dress that I purchased from Bluefly.com a few months ago.  I had to buy it one size too big because they didn't have any left in my size and a local seamstress tailored it to my measurements.  The lighting wasn't great in the winery, I really wished I'd taken pictures prom style at moms house before we left.
 This isn't my photo, I took it from the facebook page because R had my camera all night in his pocket and I forgot about it.  There were a few prizes given out - to the person who had a baby most recently, the person married the longest, the person who had traveled the longest distance to get to the reunion and two random prizes if you were sitting in a chair that had a ticket taped underneath.
 I found this picture from the same album as above.  Our MC for the night held a moment of silence for the classmates that have passed away and took the time to recognize the classmates who had served in the military.  I like that you can see the table set up behind him too...they had little foil centerpieces with balloons in our school colors.  After the welcome, prayer and announcements we had a nice dinner of chicken, carved roast beef, vegetables, and rolls followed by dancing.

A classmate took these "decor" shots before everyone started arriving.

I added this for fun - one of my classmates posted a copy of our commencement...to respect the privacy of my classmates I will not show all the pages but it was fun to read through this little document again.

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