Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wedding Update...looking forward

My wedding update is a little sad.  So sad that I refuse to post my list because it looks exactly like the last one I posted last month.  R and I took a break from wedding tasks to enjoy our holiday and a few days off from work.  Now I'm really feeling the stress from the hiatus!  On New Year's Day I wrapped the bridal party gifts and did a bit of crafting.  Today my mom surprised me by purchasing the stamps for the invitations so we are ready to address and assemble them!

Here are my big tasks for January:

  • Purchase votive candles for the tables decor
  • Purchase my groom's wedding gift
  • Finish wedding music selections and set up meeting with DJ
  • Finish our pre marriage classes
  • Verify our wedding day transportation
  • Order the guys suits
  • Set up linen rental
  • Decide on bridesmaids shoes
  • Attend my first bridal shower
  • Draft the Ceremony program
  • Address and Assemble invitations
  • Research alcohol and place order
  • Make dinner reservations for our honeymoon

There are several small things that I will have to do this month as well but these are the major items I want completed by the end of the month. girls dresses came in right before Christmas.  I will not post a photo of my unsuspecting MOH in her dress but it looks amazing on.  I never thought I'd choose such a bright color for my wedding but it looks like Spring and is so flattering on even the most pale "right after winter" skin.

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  1. Good for you for already wrapping your bridesmaids gifts! You are on top of it. :) That's so exciting that your bridesmaids dresses came in right before Christmas! I got the call yesterday that mine came in so I left work an hour early to go see them! haha