Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Update....59 days to go

I would not label myself a DIY bride but I think it is special to have a few projects to make our wedding a little more personal.  I have two upcoming projects to post that are going to add a lot to the decoration at our reception - R is in the process of completing them now.
Our flower girl basket.  This is an old basket that my mom had in storage and I wanted to give it a little more color.  There was an inspiration picture that I found on Etsy that I used as a model.
 This was another simple project, quart mason jars wrapped with twine with an antique key accent.  We plan to place candles in the jars with coffee beans as the filler.  One of these will be used on each cocktail table as a centerpiece.
 My ring bear!  So this isn't crafty at all - I purchased one of the 2012 Kohls Christmas bears on the after holiday sale and cut the scarf off.  We found a silk bow tie at a consignment shop to dress him up and he has twine on his paw to hold the rings.  This bear will only be used for pictures and to give our 2 year old ring bearer something to hold when he walks.  Our MOH and Best man will have the rings for safe keeping.
 My collection of thank you notes.  I purchased different ones for different events.  The blue ones on the bottom right are the ones I'm using for the shower that we were given on Saturday.  Sorry some of these photos are so dark, the cards looked blurry when I used the camera flash.
 I bought this frame at Michaels for my bridal portrait.  I will be able to pick it up a couple of weeks before the wedding and I really don't care if it's professionally framed.  I found this one described as "Barnwood" and fell in love with it.
I didn't ask my best friend if I could put her picture on my blog so I cropped the photo (though she has never been shy in front of a camera).  I love the dresses!  This past weekend I had one of my bridesmaids try on the dress with gold heels and with boots - both looked fantastic!  I loved the heels and if I were getting married in a different venue they would be a perfect choice.  The boots "made" the dress for me - I can see it working well in pictures with the barn behind us.  Also the girls will be super comfortable for the ceremony.  They can change into whatever shoes they want for the reception but if it's cool at night at least the boots will be a little warmer.  I asked all the girls to get their dresses altered to hit mid-knee.
 AND this has been the biggest weight lifted on my shoulders....our invitations are stuffed, sealed, and addressed.  The smaller invitations in the front of for my bridal luncheon.  R and I are going to go to the post office together to send them off next week!

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  1. The girl in that bridesmaid pic is lookin' like one foxy lady. Psheww she fine. So fine, she blow my mind.