Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things I'm loving...

So back in the day I would post items that I was in love with each month....then I got out of the habit. I'm going to give it a go again...if not monthly then at least regularly.
 My new bird canvas (purchased from Target) hanging in our bathroom.  I like it now but I'll love it one day when I actually can paint my walls whatever shade I want.
 I purchased the second pillow to accent our living room chair and two of the pillows on the bottom for our couch.  I love the way they look in our living room - honestly I hated our other pillows and purchased them on a whim when R told me he wanted more "color" in our home.  
 Awesome hairspray!  I use this in the winter and spring and it does a great job.  I usually switch to a frizz reducing hairspray like Big Sexy Hair Stay and Play Harder during the summer.
 Best home fragrance.  These Pink Zebra Sprinkles pack a punch- I have Pumpkin Spice and Farm House Cider and I love to mix the two in my warmer.  The scent expands throughout the whole bottom floor of our home and it lasts for hours.
 Favorite packaged soup.  I add cayenne to mine and serve alongside a grilled cheese.  Ah-mazing.
 R and I are both using the Peter Thomas Roth glycolic cleanser and it seems to be good stuff.  I only use it three times a week with my Clarasonic Mia.  It's so strange how my skin feels so clean with no tightness or dryness.  I don't think I can use it daily though.  R seems to like it as well.
 The December Popsugar box included a mixed collection of Tea Forte brand teas.  I love the Black Currant and White Ambrosia so much - I'm hooked!
 Shark Steam Mop...this was a gift from Santa off our wedding registry and we have become very good friends.  I have peace of mind knowing my floors are clean and sanitized.  It's so easy to use and heats up in a matter of seconds.  I see a lot of evenings with a glass of wine and this steam mop...it's so much fun, R will probably never get a chance to use it.
 R's sister gave me the BareMinerals Shine On palette for Christmas and I've used it almost daily this month. The shadows included do not seem like "natural" shades but I swear it is the most beautiful daytime, work appropriate look.  I love the primer and the 4pm waterproof eyeliner.  The blush is more of a highlight even on my fair skin...it's not very pigmented.  The gloss is a nice natural shade but I wouldn't turn it down in another color.  The staying power is pretty good and I love the flavor.
 I received this cuticle pen for Christmas too (I received so many great gifts) - it's perfect to keep in your handbag and touch up your cuticles during the day if they seem dry.  I wash my hands and use sanitizer often during the day  so my hands and cuticles are very dry.  I'm still using my Burts Bees cuticle balm at home but this solution does a great job of moisturizing them on the go.  
I'm loving this show!  I liked Sex and the City (liked...maybe even loved but wasn't obsessed like some others I know), so I thought I'd give this prequel a shot.  It's set in the 80s and the fashion is spot on. I found it by accident but now I'm kind of into it. 

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