Monday, January 21, 2013

Family Bridal Shower

Saturday my aunt and two of my cousins hosted a bridal shower for R and I at my childhood church fellowship hall.  The food was amazing...brownies, homemade pimento cheese and chicken salad tea sandwiches, cocktail weenies, and pineapple punch.  They really did a great job on the decorations...the whole room was pink and white.

 The invitations were ordered from
 Our moms supplied childhood photos of us and my mom had several framed pictures of us over the past couple of years.
 My mom decorated one of her gifts with a bride and groom set of Snowpinions.
 This bouquet was a shot of Spring on a cold day.  It's on our entryway table now!
 Cupcake tree....the lemon ones were to die for!
 Seriously my aunts make the best tea sandwiches.  I loved the pimento cheese and R raved over the chicken salad.  They made a cheese and sausage dip for him that he really enjoyed while watching football the next day.  I left the shower with two of the cheeseballs to freeze for future parties.
 This was a great decoration idea, the gift bags used for table centerpieces had household items like facial tissue and laundry detergent.  R and I are set for a couple of months!
 The gift table.
 My mom loving her future son in law.  I woke up the morning of my shower planning to wear a silk top and skirt combination but I'm so glad I didn't.  I'm sure I would have spilled punch on my blouse and later that night when we were helping to load the trucks (and unload at our house) it was freezing outside.
 My MOH wanted all of the bows.
 MOH wrote the gift list down for us so we could write out thank you notes later.
One of my bridesmaids helping pass out gifts.  R is funny about tearing the wrapping paper so it takes him twice as long to unwrap them. 

We had a great time!  We racked up on crystal along with several towel sets, casual china, and Pyrex dishes.  My mom gave us the Gorham toasting flutes and cake server and my friend's mom surprised us with the matching candlesticks.  Now we have a lot of organizing to do, we have to pack up our other items for Goodwill so we can make some room in our cabinets for the new pretties!

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