Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evolution of Our Chalkboard

I had a few wedding-related projects that R agreed to help me with.  He doesn't mind any task that requires a trip to Lowes and tools.  I wanted a chalkboard to display our reception menu but I didn't like any of the ones I saw for sale.  I was so excited when R agreed to make one for me!
R started by sanding the board until it was smooth enough to paint.
 Our first experience with chalkboard paint.
 And after a few layers....
 It was ready to be "seasoned" with chalk.
 R built an awesome frame.
 He started painting it gray but I wanted it to have an "old" look.  So I found a few ideas while blog surfing.
 Using some brown paint and some water to thin it out he brushed some rusty brown paint on the frame and quickly wiped it off with a paper towel.
I tried to zoom in on the detail....
 The he attached the chalkboard to the frame

 And the finished product!  I can't wait to write our menu on this board and display it at the wedding! This photo enhances the brown on the board...up close it looks more gray.  I purchased chalkpens from Michaels to use to write on the board, they seem to be much easier to write with than actual chalk.

Just for fun I'm sneaking in a picture of Lilly.  I'm always taking pictures of the dog but every once in a blue moon my sweet Lilly Pot will give me a kodak moment.

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