Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding Update....47 days to go

Since I last updated my blog the invitations have gone out as well as round one of the thank you notes and the bridal luncheon invitations.

My future mother in law is distributing menus so everyone can select their rehearsal dinner meal.  R and I have worked on several crafty projects for the reception decor and I have worked on my coordinators notebook (timelines, decorations guide, layouts, contact lists, etc).  I also purchased the favors for my bridal luncheon and we have started redecorating using the goodies we were "showered" with!

Oh and this past weekend has been wedding packed!

On Saturday we met my family and coordinator for a walk through our ceremony / reception space.  I timed my "walk" down the aisle and reviewed decor set up and the owner's policies.  We were also given access to an online layout of the property where we can do a mock set up for the caterer to know where the tables should go.  It's an awesome tool!

I also received my bridal portrait!  And my fantastic photographer gifted me with not one but TWO free portraits because she wanted me and my mom to have the one I picked plus the one that she loved the most.    At 16x20  it's a whole lotta me between the three portraits.

I viewed and approved our custom cake topper from an Etsy seller MilkTeabyBthanari (more details in a later post).  It's amazing and as of right now it is in transit and I visit it via tracking number daily.

We went to a wine shop in the afternoon and purchased several bottles to sample so we can choose our wedding wine...definitely a fun task!  AND I think we have made our decision!

I purchased a bridal shower dress at the last minute!  I have shopped for weeks with noluckwhatsoever.  But  I found it in the eleventh hour and it's beautiful - a big snug in the hips but at least it doesn't need serious alterations which is better than most of the dresses I found.  While we were shopping R lucked up and found the best bowtie ever for our rehearsal dinner and I tried on a potential new lipstick for my wedding color...YSL #9.

Today my MOH hosted a bridal shower in my honor at her mother's home.  Oh. My. Word.  It was amazing.  More details in another post!

Oh yes....and it's SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  My father passed away years ago and he was a 49ers fan.  For that reason alone I will be pulling for them to win.  R ordered Buffalo Wild Wings for us to enjoy during the game and I purchased a special snack for Baby to enjoy at half time.

We still have several tasks to complete.  The big ones for February:

  • Finish our escort card display
  • Meet with the DJ
  • Final meeting with pastor to review our ceremony program 
  • Pay the balance for our vendors and find out their time of arrival
  • Alterations for brides rehearsal dinner dress, mother of the bride dress, and grooms suit
  • Finish shower thank you notes
  • Bachelorette Weekend :-)
  • R's rehearsal dinner outfit
  • Purchase alcohol for the reception
  • Place order for reception linens
  • Purchase the groom's gift
  • Have the ceremony programs printed
I'm fully expecting small tasks to pop up but I'm hoping I can finished everything on this list in the next 25 days.

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