Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Door for our escort cards...

My aunt gave us this door from an old store from the 1940s that is on her property.  It was in great condition and only needed a little dusting.  I love the rusty door knob!
 We wanted to change it up for the wedding so we purchased paint in antique white from Lowes and used a product designed to make the paint crackle.  R and I were surprised to see it start to crack almost immediately.
 This was fresh paint and I barely snapped a photo after R finished painting it.
 And the finished product!  I love it so much that I'm planning to use this crackled paint on my dressing mirror.  We plan to string twine across the door to hold our escort cards and hang a welcome sign on the door knob.  R was skeptical at first but now he loves it!

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