Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Update, only 37 more days...

My photographer packaged my portraits up in this beautiful box and burlap ribbon.  My mom helped me frame it tonight.  All I can say is wow, I picked the right photographer!

  • All of my wedding thank you notes have been sent.
  • I plan on posting pictures from my last bridal shower in the next few days.
  • My hair looks terrible, it's too long and my layers are crazy.  I can't wait for my pre-wedding color and trim, my appointment is March 5. I'm trying to condition and minimize heat styling (without looking like Cousin It).
  • Our crafty projects are done.  I was going to do more but I think I need to stop before it gets tacky.
  • Linen order has been placed.
  • We purchased our wine :-D
  • Our RSVPs are still trickling in.
  • I verified our hotel reservations and my wedding hair styling appointment.
  • We reviewed and approved the layout for our tables at the reception.

These are the items I have left this month:

  • Order R's Grooms gift (holy smokes I need to do this - like I'm hoping to get it done before I go to sleep tonight)
  • Final meeting with the preacher - Sunday
  • Order the ceremony programs (I can't do this until we've met with the preacher)
  • alterations for my rehearsal dinner dress and the grooms suit
  • Complete R's outfit for the rehearsal dinner
  • Finish buying our mason jars for the reception (I need 2-3 more boxes)
  • Print a welcome sign and a sparkler sign
  • Purchase the beer for our reception
  • vendor payment deadlines start on February 23 so I need to get on top of that Monday
  • AND my bachelorette party which has been a topic of much debate, it's still a mystery but I'm looking forward to it!

My list is shrinking and it feels so good!

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  1. Yay, so close! I crossed off a few things yesterday from my list and it felt GREAT!