Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Wedding Project

This was a simple craft that R tackled in a couple of hours on Sunday.  We purchased two white wooden plaques from Michaels.  R drilled two holes in the top of each and then he painted them with chalkboard paint.  
 When the chalkboard paint was dry R went over the edges with white paint to clean it up.
 I "seasoned" the chalkboard to get it ready for writing.
I tied twine to the plaque using the holes that R had drilled so they can hang on the back of our chairs at the reception.  Michaels had these cute burlap flowers that I attached to the twine for a little something extra.  I love the way they turned out!
I plan to use these plaques in our future office (when I finally get it set up).

Poor R....he's knocking these crafty items off the list one by one...unfortunately he has two larger projects that are much more time consuming.  I'm grateful that he is so creative.

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