Friday, December 28, 2012

After Christmas Deals

I hit up the after Christmas sales on Wednesday despite the hideous weather and was pleasantly surprised to see how few people were out.  I didn't go shopping until the early afternoon and usually the aisles have been picked through but I think the rain kept a lot of people away. 

I picked up a swag for our mantel 60% off at Michaels...
Pier 1 had some amazing finds like this table runner at 50% off...
Mom gave us a Coton Colors ECU ornament that I wanted to display year round so I found a stand for it.

I love these tree candles but I've never purchased one because I knew I wouldn't burn it.  This one has an LED light and I love it!  R's mom gave me the frame in my stocking and I haven't found a photo for it yet.
I also picked up a box of Christmas cards, ribbon, and wrapping supplies.  Pier one had a great nutcracker that I picked up on a whim for my kitchen (I've bought a nutcracker every year for the past 3 years so I have a budding collection).  I got an early start on my Christmas shopping for next year too by picking up a few gifts for my coworkers.  I plan to visit a few stores today after work too so my fingers are crossed that there will still be some nice things available.  After Christmas sales can be really sad especially with all the "build up" to the holidays.  However when I open my box of Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving every year I love to see the new purchases...its like my very first present to myself!

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