Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the 7th day of Christmas...

There are a hundredandone blogs that feature thoughts on the December Popsugar Must Have Box so you can add mine to the list :-)

So many people seem disappointed with this months box but I'm completely satisfied, I assumed it would be "winter" inspired.  I love that several of the items can be shared with R, it helps me justify the cost of the subscription.  This was my first box and I think I will stick it out for at least three months before deciding whether or not I will continue to purchase them.  Some of the boxes from the past few months have been really amazing.  My box included:
 Bodum Bistro Mugs and Tea Forte 10 pack sampler,.  These glass mugs are beautiful and functional.  They can hold cold drinks without perspiration and hot drinks without burning your hands.  I haven't tried this brand before tonight and the White Ambrosia is really amazing.  They use whole leaf tea so each bag can make two cups of tea with no flavor loss.  I can't wait to try them all, especially Black Currant and Ginger Lemongrass.
 A Rent the Runway gift card and a GoSwype wipe.  I don't know how I feel about renting a dress, maybe for new years eve or my bachelorette party?  I'll have to make a decision soon!  I like the wipe, you can use it for up to two weeks to safely clean the gunk and germs off of your electronics.  I'll definitely use this on my ipod and phone.
 Jaboneria Marianella Soap Antioxidant Moisturizing Face and Body Milk Bar.  I like the scent and I'm not a soap snob so I'll use it.  The Pinch Provisions MiniEmergency Kit is a neat idea.  I would have never purchased it on my own but I think I'll use it for travel and it might make an appearance in my bridal suite.
 Bogdon's All Natural Peppermint Poles.  Freaking Yum!  These will be amazing in hot cocoa or as an afterwork snack.  I love chocolate and mint so this is probably my favorite item.
If you are interested in purchasing a Popsugar Must have box use the code REFER5 for $5 off.

I also wanted to share a gift I received at work today:
 I think it's precious!  There is space at the top for 3 tea lights.  I don't have any tea lights to put in it yet but this little addition will be placed on the counter in the kitchen.  So remember when I mentioned that my mom and I went to the Christmas Market this past weekend....well apparently I won not one but two of the door prizes!  They gave out 5 tickets for every vendor that we purchased an from and bonus tickets for wearing something festive.  I was able to use my tickets to enter a raffle for donated prizes.  There were about 20 prizes up for grabs but I spread my tickets across 3 of them to increase my chances of winning.
 I'm so excited!  I don't usually win!  The bottle was a crafty item from a local vendor, the bottom is cut out and a tea light holder is placed within the bottle.  It's basically a hanging tealight holder.  I plan to hang this in our porch.  I only had about two tickets in this raffle because it was one of the more unique prizes.  The other one is the prize I had almost all my tickets invested in....a bottle of Pink Zebra Sprinkles! These soy beads go into your tart warmer and smell the whole house, honestly I've used Yankee Candle and Scentsy and these are the best in my opinion.  The bottle I won was Pumpkin Bread flavored.  I LOVE pumpkin and I thought it was ironic that I went shopping with my mom and won a fragrance called pumpkin bread when she has called me "her little pumpkin bread" my whole life.  Yep...of all the pet names in the world, that is the one my mom gave me.
Oh wow, about 2.5 seconds after I sprinkled these beads in the warmer my entire first floor smelled like pie.  My mom purchased the Farm House Cider scent at the market for my Christmas stocking.   If I think pie smells good I can't imagine how amazing cider is going to smell in my house.


  1. I just did my review. I'm not quite sure why people are disappointed in the box all the time. I find them to be fun and worth it! Plus that $5 coupon you can find online makes me happy. I loved this month's box!

    1. I really don't think I'll visit the message boards often (I don't care for spoilers) but I was unsure how long it would take to ship and I wanted to see if anyone else had gotten a tracking number. I can't believe how upset people were over it. I love the mugs and I think I've found a new favorite tea. For my first month I thought it was great! I'm so glad you thought so too!