Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

R and I had a fantastic Christmas!  Christmas eve was all ours so we had to travel to both families on Christmas Day.  We drove down to my moms Christmas morning for brunch and opened presents from Santa while waiting for family to get there...
 Stainless steel trashcans for our kitchen and bathroom with lids so Baby can't get into the trash anymore.  Santa was checking our wedding registry!  This is a functional "gag" gift, my mom is disgusted that the dog gets into the trash when we are away - not every day but every single time my mom is over we come back to dryer lint, cans, bottles, etc all over the floor. We also received an awesome bamboo chopping block and a steam mop from our registry.
 I can't honestly remember every gift R received.  I lost track trying to keep up with my own - our families were really generous to us.
 Pandora charms for my bracelet, I got two new charms and a spacer.
 Santa left me money for a new phone and I'm clearly excited about it.  R and I have been discussing switching service providers and signing up for a family plan.
 R loving the new dart board for his "man" space.

In the early afternoon we traveled to my future inlaws home to spend time with them for the holiday.  I didn't get many pictures at R's mom's house but here is her yummy treat display.  Her house was decorated beautifully but I wasn't comfortable putting pictures of the family up without their permission.  We took a lot of photos of R's nephew but none of ourselves when we were there. 
 Happy puppy on Christmas Day.
I won't list everything I received but I loved it all.  I picked a few standouts for blog purposes.  R gave me a new wallet and a pair of the softest most comfortable house slippers.  My mom gave me money for a phone, a few registry items, pandora charms, and a lenox porcelain santa ornament (I LOVE Lenox!).  R's parents gave me a pair of plum Coach gloves and a John Hardy bracelet.  I also wanted to mention the Shine On cosmetic compact from Bare Minerals that my "secret" santa (R's sister) gave me...I used it today and the colors are perfect - it will be a great travel item.  The set included a waterproof pencil eyeliner in dark plum, it's so easy to use and the results look almost identical to liquid liner.

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