Friday, December 14, 2012

My 12 Days of Christmas

So in the past I've done a series around Christmas about my favorite things, family traditions, recipes, etc.  I wanted to do something different but honestly these are my favorite posts every year!  So tonight I'm starting My Twelve Days of Christmas...

R has had a difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, probably because of his crazy work schedule.  We promised to make more of an effort in the next several days to add some holiday fun to our lives.  Tonight we watched two classic movies -

Dinner had to come together in a flash after we both got off work late.  Low sodium turkey bacon and pancakes!  Now I am not fooled into thinking anything is healthy about standard pancakes  despite what the box says, but we don't eat them often and but when the craving hits....real maple syrup definitely hits the spot.
And a few things that are new this Christmas...

My favorite ornament

And a new scent given to us by R's mom

I had this burning tonight along with two of the Bath and Body Works candles I purchased on Black Friday and our house smelled so festive!

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