Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yes I am a Pirate...

I have mentioned before that my college mascot was a Pirate and I've actually been a Pirate football fan since I was a little girl. Even though my style is classic and preppy I still manage to add a skull or two and I get excited over any and all pirate history. During my recent trip to Charleston the Provost Dungeon had the Pirate Code of Ethics posted. Pirates adopted the original form of democracy, the captain and all other positions were voted on by the crew and the crew also took a vote to determine punishments. The Carolinas have a heavy Pirate past, Stede Bonnet and his crew were captured in South Carolina and over 40 men were hanged over a 6 week period. A typical Pirate execution involved the man being hanged facing the sea for 3 full tides before being thrown into the water. Blackbeard one of the most well known pirates was killed on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina by an untraditional beheading. Just a few historical facts from a pirate who is 200 years too late.

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