Friday, September 25, 2009

Product Review: Olay Daily Facials Deep Cleansing Clothes

I have never thought twice about buying makeup removing cleansing clothes to use on a daily basis. I always kept a box of the biore clothes (premoistened) in my bedside table to use as a luxury when I'm too tired (or too hungover in my college days) to remove makeup. I picked the Olay Daily Cleansing Clothes up on a whim at the store when I was getting items for my trip to Charleston. The package states that the combination/oily clothes are dual textured and work as a cleanser, toner, scrub, and mask. I used them a couple of nights before I left to make sure they didn't irritate my skin and I was overall pleased with them.
The claims on the package set the bar pretty high. I use the textured side first on my face and remove my eye makeup with the soft side. They definitely cleanse and remove face makeup well. Eye makeup doesn't come completely off but I line my water line so I always have to use a seperate remover to get my eyeliner off. The first few days I used a toner afterwards to see how well it removed makeup and there was nothing on the cotton ball. As a scrub I feel like it does a good job of removing dead skin but it's gentle enough you can use it daily. It definitely does not take the place of a mask but who needs a daily face mask? The best part is they are PERFECT to pack for a trip, I folded them flat and I didn't have to take my cleanser, toner and scrub. I'll definitely repurchase. Each box contains 30 wipes and costs around $6, I cut my wipes in half and now that I'm home I'll only be using them at night when I take my shower so I think the cost is pretty reasonable. I'll be watching for sales in the drugstore circulars and probably stock up.

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