Friday, September 25, 2009

Product Testing: Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel

After reading all the great reviews on the Avon Anew Clinical Peel, I finally decided to check out the Avon website last week. It was on sale for $14.99 (usually $25) with free shipping on all orders over $5. I made the purchase and started used it for the first time 2 nights ago.
Avon's instructions are to use the textured side of the moistened pad all over cleansed, dry skin every other day and follow with a moisturizer. They also warn about a possible tingly feeling after using it. I felt a very slight tingle and afterwards my face was a little tacky. The pads are so wet that I had plenty of product left after wiping my face and neck so I also did the back of my hands and followed with lotion.
I will be using this peel per Avon's instructions and I'll report back when the container is finished. I don't have a lot of skin damage but there are two discolorations under my right eye that I am hoping this product will help lighten. I've only used it once, tonight will be the second time, but my first impressions are hopeful. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin and it wasn't overly drying. There are a lot of products in the Avon Anew Clinical line so if I like this I might try the serum or the eye cream next.

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