Monday, September 28, 2009

Tag: Top 5 Nail Polishes

I tried to rate my nail color based on the quality of formula, pigmentation, and how often I wear them. The picture shows the polishes in descending order (just my opinion!).
#5 Sally Hanson Salon Nailcolor in Haute Chocolate - The perfect shade for fall. I was a little timid to try brown on my nails afraid it would look muddy but this color has just enough red and gold reflects in the formula to make it a beautiful coppery brown. I usually wear this on my fingernails but it looks great on toes as well.
#4 OPI Don't Think Just Pink - This is a dirty pastel pink with blue undertones. The color looks great on my toes and hands. The color is a satin formula with no reflects. This is one of the few OPI colors looks great with 1 coat or 2 depending on how sheer you want it.
#3 OPI Done out in Deco - A dusty purple-gray that gives perfect coverage in two coats. The formula is super creamy without reflects. Gorgeous on hands and feet.
#2 OPI Dutch Tulips - No other nailcolor I have ever owned complimented my skintone (fair/light) the way this color does. It's the perfect shade of red that's "not quite red" - like that color in the crayon box that's red but not quite the reddest red. I usually wear this on toes only and it has been repurchased.
#1 Essie Mademoiselle - Hands down the one I reach for the most. This is the "my nails but better" color. I love one coat for a natural look and two if I want it a little more opaque. I have repurchased this color and it will not be long before I'll need to again. I like this one for the fingernails and something bright and opaque on the toes.

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