Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After many months of impending doom, I finally moved out of my townhome and into an apartment only 10 minutes away from work. My new place is about 850 sq ft and all mine; this is my first experience without a roommate and I'm loving it so far.
Welcome Ya'll!
Living Room - I don't care for the odd coloring the camera flash is creating on my furniture. Microfiber does not photograph well. I tried taking the photo without flash and the coloring was more true but it was just too dark. The second picture is the other side of the living room. I have the tiniest window and I really don't like that it's located next to the patio door.
Dining Area - I love my pub table, I have a leaf that can make it a larger square but it doesn't it well in this space.
Kitchen - I love my kitchen, I wish this was a better picture; you can't see my decor on top of the cabinets that well. I have my casserole dish collection on my cabinet tops and a few cute signs and decor plates.
Utility Room - Obviously my laundry room. There are small shelves to right as you walk in and I use them for storing my small kitchen appliances and Lilly's food and water are kept in this room. I usually keep the door partially closed so you don't have to look at my detergent bottles and Lilly can still get in and out.
Bedroom - I have wall decor that I haven't found a place for yet but I know this room will probably look better with some color on the walls.
Vanity Table - I keep my hair and makeup supplies in this corner.
Closet - Walk-in closet, I just finished a 10 day work week so please excuse "the mess".
Bathroom - The curtain in real life is a slightly darker red and on the other side of the sink I just have a couple of candle sticks. I'm loving my gigantic garden tub, I'm hoping to take full advantage of it, especially this winter. The second picture is Lilly's corner of the bathroom.
Patio - This was a difficult picture to take. I'm hoping to get a few potted plants for some color out here.

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