Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Swimwear

I purchased two new bathing suits this summer from the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy line. I'm excited to log some hours at the pool this year wearing these suits. The suits from this line can be mixed and matched with colors, patterns, and cuts. I purchased the Push Up Halter top with hot pink stripes and the bikini bottoms in solid hot pink (because I didn't want to wear stripes around my rear). I purchased this suit top and bottom in the lilac dot print. It's a Sliding Halter top and a double string bikini bottom. Because I purchased my suits back in April I couldn't take advantage of the awesome swim suit sale going on now (but I might pick one up for late summer or next year). However I did get free shipping, 25% of one suit, and a free beach tote bag. The bag is so versatile, I actually have taken it to the shop to use for carrying groceries and I took it to the beach back in May. I have a huge double towel that fits perfectly on one side, and I can tie the string so it doesn't slide around and it can fit my sunscreen, sun glasses, water and other necessities on the other side. It's a little plain so I'm thinking I might take it to the embroidery shop to have my monogram sewn onto the front of the bag.

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