Saturday, June 13, 2009

Candles By Victoria Review

Two weeks ago I watched the Candles by Victoria craze all over youtube. MakeupbyTiffanyD reviewed some products she received and I decided to place an order for three of the scents she suggested. I am not a huge candle lover but I like to have a few seasonal candles around the house for nights when I'm in the mood. I usually like bakery/sweet scents to burn in the kitchen and clean smells for the rest of the house. Ideally nothing too flowery but some of the scent descriptions on the CBV website sound so good I might break down and by a floral scented candle. For the kitchen I bought, Gingered Caramel Apple Crisp, this candle is from the comfort collection and it comes in an 18 oz jar with two wicks. This is a beautiful candle and it does smell like freshly baked apple crisp. I haven't burned it yet because I wanted it to stay pretty for the picture. There is actual spice in the wax. Honestly I think I'll probably save this for fall because I think I will enjoy it more then when I'm in the mood for apples and cinnamon. I'm thinking I'll place another order mid-summer and get either the Creme Brulee or the Cinnamon Roll scent for the kitchen as well. My summer scent is Pina Colada. I love this, I think I should get it in a larger size next time. This smells exactly like homemade pina coladas, the second you take the lid off the blender. Mine is in the 7 ounce container. I love clean scented candles and every one raves about the Honey I Washed the Young'uns scent at CVB. This is the dupe of the Honey I Washed the Kids soap from Lush. I have not ventured to Lush products yet so I wasn't sure if I was going to like the scent. The description on the website sounds a little strange to be labeled a "clean" scent, but really it's dead on. This is THE smell for a bathroom or bedroom. It's relaxing and not too overpowering. When I place my next order I'm getting a much bigger size that this one. Mine is the 8 oz mason jar. In my picture the candle looks lime green, it real life it's yellow. My package came with a free candle tart in Tangerine. I love the smell of ripe tangerines in the grocery store and this tart was very similar. I would probably not purchase a Tangerine candle for my personal taste but I would definitely buy some tarts if I was in the mood for something fruity and refreshing. Please visit her site to purchase one of her many different size candles in one of her many different scents. Also please visit the youtube channel for MakeupbyTiffanyD to see her video review of Candles by Victoria. Candle scents I want to try: Summer - honey suckle, kiwi kicker, southern nights (maybe, this one might be too floral) Autumn - creme brulee, cinnamon buns Winter - old fashioned Christmas, Winter Snowflake

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