Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review: Boots No 7 Lash / Cils 360* Mascara in Black

This is the mascara I've been using for the past three months (and it's time to switch soon). It promises volume and separation but to tell you the truth it wasn't the best or the worst I've ever used. The formula tends to smudge if I don't use a lash primer first but it wasn't a problem since I use a primer every day. It gives definition and lift to the lashes and it doesn't weigh down the curl which is a nice plus. I'm not sure about the brush. The bristles rotate around the brush in varying lengths which make it hard for me to grabs the hairs that I missed in the first stroke. I prefer a traditional triangle shaped brush. Also I feel the brush causes more clumps than some others I've tried. To achieve the look I like usually I need about 3-4 coats on top and at least 2 on the bottom. The product did not irritate my sensitive eyes (I'm a contact lens wearer) and it was inexpensive, I think I paid $7.49 at Target but I'm pretty sure it was on sale. I probably will not repurchase only because there are so many mascaras out there I want to try but I certainly didn't hate this one, I used it my full 3 months and will continue to use it until I go out and get another.

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