Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review: Sedu Revolution Pro Nano Ceramic Tourmaline 1 inch Straightener

I did months of research reading customer reviews and watching Youtube tutorials using different straightening irons before I chose the Sedu. In my opinion the GHD was too pricey for my current needs, I knew from personal experience I didn't want to go with a CHI, and it seemed like more people had problems with the Solia after a year of use (from what I read). The original Sedu has square plates and many customers complained about dents in their hair so I went with the revolution that has rounded plates (you can actually curl hair with it). My hair is fine and naturally curly - but I have A LOT of hair. My curls are something between waves and corkscrew and without using hair product there is a lot of frizz. This iron has worked really well on my hair, usually it straightens in one pass. I can adjust the heat so its hotter on the days I have washed my hair and I'm straightening for the first time and less hot on the days I don't wash my hair and I'm just trying to get any kinks out from sleeping. I would purchase this styler again in a heartbeat; I'm impressed with the results and I think it would work on all types of hair. I get perfect salon straight hair when I'm finished with no frizz or flyaways. The most important point is that I've used it for two months and my hair has absolutely no damage, its not fried and my hair doesn't snag in the plates. The Sedu is a tourmaline iron so it's less damaging on the hair and it eliminates frizz with the nano technology. The 1 inch size is perfect for smaller sections of hair and the plates are rounded so you don't get the dent on the top of your head where you place the iron. You can choose your heat setting 180*-450* (I usually use mine on 390*). The Sedu has a long cord and comes with a heat safe case which I LOVE because it protects my table when I have to lay the hot iron down between passes and I can use it for travel. I purchased this product from Folica.com for $149.99 and it came with an instructional DVD to learn how to do waves, curls, and volume all with the Sedu hair iron. Folica.com also offers an extended 2 year warranty upgrade with their Sedu products.

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