Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tag: Favorite Jewelry

Okay so before I started blogging there was a really interesting tag going around asking for your top pieces of jewelry. I was just reading some other blogs where the author was tagged and I wanted to do one too. I couldn't do five so I actually have six. These are the most sentimental pieces, not necessarily the most fashionable. My six pieces of jewelry will not date, I can wear them in 10, 20, or 30 years. 1. Yellow and Rose Gold Charm Bracelet. My mom bought this for me when I was 10 or 11 years old for Valentine's Day. The charms are: the letter A, a rose, Daddy's Little Girl, Mommy's little girl, heart with a bow, cupid with a heart, I love volleyball, and a diamond ring (my birthstone). The volleyball charm is bent because it kept snagging on my desk in school. I don't wear this bracelet anymore but it has a prime spot in my jewelry box and I have a lot of memories wearing this in middle school (and some in high school). 2. Cameo Ring. I bought this in Italy directly from the company that makes them. It is handcrafted using sea shells, each one is different, and I believe they told us it takes two weeks for a craftsman to make each cameo. I have cameo earrings as well that my mom has had since the 1970s. 3. College Ring. Instead of a traditional college ring I wanted something that I could wear with anything casual or dressy. I chose a black onyx stone set in white gold, on one side of the stone are the initials of my university and on the other side is the year I graduated. This was my mom's main graduation gift to me and I love it. I wear this ring almost everyday (for the past 2 years) on my right ring finger. 4. White Gold Bangle. This bracelet was given to my mom from my dad on their 2 or 3 wedding anniversary. This sat in a jewelry box for ages because my mom typically doesn't wear bracelets. The design on the outside of the ring is a small flower imprint with swirls going around it. Mom gave this to me when I was in high school and I probably wear it at least 3x a week. 5. Pearl Necklace. Beautiful off white pearls with a gold clasp. My boyfriend bought these for me for college graduation and they match perfectly with the pearl earrings my mom gave me on my 16th birthday. 6. Citizens Eco Drive Watch. This was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. I work in a hospital and knowing the correct time is important when I'm charting (my battery in my other watch died one morning during my rounds). This watch never needs a battery, the face of the watch is sensitive to light, natural and artificial, and it recharges the watch. Mine has a bracelet band, a black mother of pearl face, and little diamonds around the band and on the watch face instead of numbers. I consider this a dressy casual watch, it looks sporty for casual outfits and the diamonds dress it up for work outfits.

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