Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Two Tuesday - New Food Finds

I love Almond Milk but they were out of original and I had a coupon so I went for the chocolate. Yum! This will definitely go on my shopping list again - it tastes better than regular chocolate milk.
Mission Life Balance whole wheat tortillas - I've been using these for everything from turkey roll ups to toasted peanut butter breakfast wraps...
AND...these yummy veggie pizzas for dinner!


  1. How did you use the chocolate Almond Milk -- for baking or just for eating with cereal?

  2. I crave chocolate in the evenings after work so I've been drinking it with my snack. The package says on the side you can stir it into smoothies or lattes and you can bake it into sweets.

    I use regular almond milk for cereal. I wouldn't want my cheerios ruining the yummy chocolate flavor :-)