Saturday, February 12, 2011

Color Me Beautiful - Hello Autumn!

Recently I was looking online to decide if I should color my hair an ash brown or a rich brown when I went to the hair salon and I found this site - color me beautiful. Apparently it was really big in the 80s / 90s as a way to find what color makeup and clothes would enhance your appearance. Everyone is grouped into "seasons"
Hello Autumn.
Really it just takes into account your skin color and hair color. Apparently I look the best in fiery, earthy, golden and natural colors. I receive compliments in shades of the autumn season such as moss, rust, and terra cotta. Examples of Autumn celebrities include Eva Mendez, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie.
Autumn's have an "earthy tone to the eye color" and either olive, beige, ivory, or bronze skintone. (Doesn't this sound vague). Some no-nos for Autumns are wearing clear, bright colors, pure white, or black near the face. Also we are suppose to avoid all pastels. This site gave me a swatch and colors (all of them I love) and identified me as a "Soft Autumn". I totally agree with this description. And the breakdown also includes eye color. I might actually use this to help me determine what color clothes and makeup I should buy.
Oh and in case you are wondering based on my autumn palette I should go with a rich brown haircolor!

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